Monday, August 15, 2011


I stumbled upon this wonderfully delicious noodle that is completely friendly for paleolithic diet.  This particular vermicelli noodle is made from two ingredients: green peas and water. It is easier to cook than any other types of noodle out there.  You can cook this in boil water, broth, or soup and it only takes a minute to cook.  You can eat it hot, as soup noodle, or cold in a salad.

The noodle is translucent and a little chewy.  The noodle itself has no flavour but it picks up flavours from sauce or soup.  This is particularly popular in Chinese hot pot, because it doesn't get soggy sitting inside hot boiling broth for a long time. I have been throwing them into any Chinese broth-y soups I make recently.  Dennis doesn't like them though.

You can get this from T&T, the asian store in Granville Island, or other ethnic stores.

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