Friday, April 1, 2011

Maison Côté

For those who frequents the farmer's market, this should be nothing new.  Maison Côté makes (locally) amazing lines of spice and herbs products, especially their flavoured salts.  Their raspberry salt is ranked 54th on Vancouver's 1000 things you must eat before you die list.  I'd probably bump it up a few rank though (It's amazing).

What is the point of buying flavoured salt when I can flavour my food separately? This is true for some of the mixed spice rubs and salt rubs.  I can mix my own and control the salt, but the fruity salts are definitely great addition to any kitchen.   The fruit salts, especially the blueberry salt, adds a bit of acidity and fruitiness to your salad when actual chunks of fruit are not appropriate.  Raspberry salt is amazing in soups, such as the Short Rib Soup or the Mushroom Soup.  I haven't completely figure out how the salt magically turns ordinary broth into five-star broth.  Perhaps it's the acidity that cuts and balances the oil, but I haven't able to replicate the result with lemon juice.  Hibiscus salt has also made its way into our lives.  Hibiscus is a smoky palate cleanser and great addition in just about any heavy flavoured good.  I like to use it in curry, lamb roast, and flat-boy chickens.

Otherwise, these salts are lazy cook's dream come true.  A spoonful of their perfectly portioned rubs would be great addition to your meal.  They even have pairing suggestion right on the label.

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