Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trainer's Tip from Christina

Keeping on tract when traveling

Travel is amazing. You meet new people, visit exciting locations that expand your mind and inspire. Yet there is a downside. Between long hours sitting on airplanes, poor dietary options, and lack of sleep, we can be left feeling out of sorts and even a few pounds heavier! Here are 3 tips to help you arrive and depart feeling balanced, lean and focused on the experiences!

1. Request a special meal or be picky. Most airlines offer many options including raw (personal favorite), gluten or dairy free. Otherwise, buy a salad or raw vegetables to bring on the plane to subsidize what you pick and choose from what is offered.

2. Avoid caffeine, focusing on water to stay hydrated. This will help keep the energy drops that send us towards carbohydrate packed snacks at a minimum.

3. Take a walk. If you have a wait before departure or have a layover, take 15 to 30 min to briskly stroll the airport to get the blood flow going and burn a few calories.

Give these tips a try and make your next travel experience more enjoyable and healthier!

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