Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Green Pan

GreenPan Stockholm Skillet - 12½" - Non-stick

After my Frying Pan 101 posts, my future in-laws (they read my blog!) gave me a gift certificate for The Green Pan. So here is my first review of a fancy cookware.

Green pan is just as good as they have advertise and better.  I cooked with it for a week, and I have enjoyed how quickly it heats up, retains the heat, and how evenly it cook even without oil. The best part is the cleaning. I managed to crust it with a thick layer of burnt maple syrup during a moment of inattention. Then I left it uncleaned for a day and half. Yet the crust came off under running water and a little encouragement by my hands. I did not need brushes or scrubs at all. Dennis who is not interested in the kitchen at all (but is usually stuck with the dishwashing duty) is singing praises for this lovely pan. Rarely does an environmentally friendly product cheaper, easier to use, and better. I have yet found it's flaws, but I will let you know.

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