Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Coast

Coast is another gorgeous-yet-expensive-borderline-overpriced creation of Glowball Group. Unlike the others, Coast specializes in seafood: everything from fish and chips to sashimi with an artistic flair.  The menu, food, ambience, and service scream the underlying philosophy behind the Glowball frienchise: food should not be simply concomsumed, it should be connoisseured, hedonistically and opulently.

Food: 4/5
Ahi Tuna
Let's start with the open concept oyster bar where chefs work tirelessly to clean, chuck, and plate raw oysters that are farmed or harvested locally.  The menu lists oysters according by region using the same language as wine and its terrior to describe the flavours of each. Their sushi creations are pretty average for Vancouver standard, but this may be a good place to introduce your less adventurous friends to sushi. The content of each dish is listed in perfectly appetizing English and the beautiful Western plating and seductive ambience enhance them even more.  Dennis loves their separate Raw section which is a marriage between sashimi and western carpaccio .
BC Cod

Then there is the grilled fish, which Coast has come pretty lose to perfecting.  If $31 swordfish is a little on the dry side, the manager will take it off your bill and offer additional free dessert.  The Big Fish and Whole Fish section offer dishes that would not break your calorie bank and can be hypoallergenic. Simple ask to replace mash potato with dairy-free saut├ęd vegetable.
However, not every dish is good, and consistency is an issue. Their poutine is terrible, fish and chips are below average, and the flatbreads are hard, dry, and slightly burnt.   The "idea" pop-rock lolipops are rather ingenious, but its taste is pretty average.

On the other hand, you must try their unique fish cake, Manhattan Chowder, Lobster Bisque, and godly Molten Banana Lava Cake.

If you think something doesn't taste right or is prepared well, just wave down your waiter and they will go out of their way to please you.

This is definitely the best seafood place in Vancouver, if you don't consider the price.

Pop-Rock Lollipops
Service: 4/5
The service is pretty fantastic there.  Its good to see that they are slowly adopting the secret service style earpiece for some of their servers (popular in Asia) for faster communication and increased efficiency.  They know when to solicit your attention and when to serve discretely.  The best part is some of the servers seem to be able to read faces and know when the customers are displeased.  The service isn't perfect though; we did meet a black sheep one time who abruptly contradicted us about the quality of the flatbread. We don't like him...

Molten Banana Coconut Cake
Ambience: 4/5
This is so far the first restaurant that thoroughly thought of each and every aspect and detail of their decor.  Every thing from the lights and the wall to the plate setting work are fashionable, clever, seductive and seamlessly.  You will even find yourself marvelling over their ketchup bottle. There are enough dividers and changes in elevation to the restaurant seem not so crowded and noisy.  Large oval tables are set below gorgeous chandelier for large groups.  I have seen amazing office parties held here.

Overall: 3/5
Coast is really really expensive. We can only go sparingly. Above average wine list.

Total: 15/20
Also, if you like caesar (the drink), you HAVE TO order it. You won't regret it.

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