Sunday, January 2, 2011

Real Thailand Restaurant

Vancouver doesn't have much in terms of delicious authentic Thai food.  In fact, Dennis grew up thinking Thai food is the atrocious peanut-oil-on-everything and refuse to eat at Thai restaurants until age 27, when we were living in London Ontario. Bangkok Pad Thai Restaurant changed his life forever.  If you happened to visit London Ontario, it's worth checking out, along with Black Trumpet.

Anyway, Real Thailand Restaurant was in walking distance from our friend's house in Annex.  It was, well, an average Thai restaurant in Ontario standard, since good Thai food could be found in any medium size or bigger Ontario city.   However, it was way better than anything Vancouver has to offer.

Duck Curry
They had a wide range of dishes for every palate and three spice levels (well, maybe not spicy enough for the hardcore Thai food enthusiast).  Their Pad Thai was done correctly with perfectly cooked rice noodles, served with egg, tofu, peanut, chicken, tiger shrimp, lemon juice and bean sprouts - not ketchup.  Awesome!

My favourite was the duck in red curry with lychee, bamboo shoot, and grape tomato.  I was not entirely sure if this was an authentic dish, but I was definitely impressed that the restaurant was daring enough to use exotic ingredients.  I grew up with lychee and bamboo shoots and I loved them, but I know plenty of people who might prefer not to having these in a curry.  In my opinion, this curry had complex flavours with the perfect balance of sweetness, spiciness, and smokiness and different contrasting textures.  It was flavour country!

If you live in Annex, this restaurant is definitely worth checking out.  For less than 20 dollars, I promised you would leave stuffed full and happy.

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