Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brown's Social House

In this season of social outings, it's comforting to know there is a healthy port in the storm of unhealthy casual dining. Browns Social House offers a delicious low calorie, protein packed dinner option outside of the usual salad. Their "Healthy Social Bowls" featuring either blackened chicken, halibut or Tahitian tuna come with almond rice and a salad featuring walnuts, dates corn and soybeans. To make your meal less then 500 calories, amazing braised red cabbage with goat cheese is substituted for the rice to make the meal a "spa bowl".

I had the tuna and felt the dish was satisfyingly flavorful, light but very filling. Leaving room for a glass of 4$ Social white wine to complete a delicious meal. Steer the crew in the direction of Browns on a night out and keep your healthy eating happily on track!

The Brown's Point Grey Location is a test kitchen for the other 7 social houses.   They offers slightly different menu than the rest.  While the consistency of the food is a wonky, the service is very good and they are more than happy to hear your comments about the restaurant and your food.

All of them are sports bars with above average price menu.  Like Christina said, they offer a lot of healthy options and as well as unhealthy bar food.  They also offer delicious brunch in the day time.

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