Friday, December 31, 2010

Seattle: The Whiskey Bar

Jason. Ask for Jason, the no-none-sense-but-still-friendly-and-awesome bartender at The Whiskey Bar. First, he  knew what The Godfather was.  Second, the guy knew his alcohol. He was a sommelier of everything from beer to scotch.  Vocabulary rolled off his tongue like music and the drinks matched his description (you would be surprised how many server/sommelier simply bull^&*$.)

Dennis: "I would like the hoppiest lager you have"
Jason: "No such thing exists in the United States. You must be from Canada."
Dennis: "Wow! Yes! What is the hoppiest, hoppiest thing you have?"
Jason: Handed Dennis a Leafer Madness.

And it was delicious.  So was everything he recommended. When we asked for a non-smoky scotch, he recommended the Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, and we asked for the smokiest scotch, he delivered a smoky, silky, and smooth elixir (I was too silly at this point to remember what it was).

This bar has an extensive and eclectic mix of drinks and personality.  The bar is the perfect place to be sipping scotch (dark oak wood and black leather sofa). I will definitely revisit this lovely joint next time I am there.  There is no food menu though.  Go after Dinner.

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