Sunday, December 5, 2010

Update: Fire Closed Down 5 Restaurants

A massive fire set fire to 5 restaurants on Broadway and Cambie on December 1st.   The fire originated from Japa Bistro

A massive fire originated from the communal attic above Japa Bistro.  Without fire stop, the fire quickly spread to other 4 restaurants causing severe structure damage to both Japa Bistro and Sha Lin Noodle House, and smoke damage to the other three restaurants: RO Sushi, Gold Train Express, and Lucky Noodle.  These restaurants would have to throw out ALL their food and condiments and wipe the entire place down, before they are allowed to be open again.

Dennis, being his usual cynical self, mentioned that Japa Bistro's business has been very poor prior to the fire and wondered if this was an insurance related fire.   I don't think so, but I do hope Sha Lin Noodle House have insurance, and I look forward to eating there again when they reopen.

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