Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Splitz Grill

Rated the best burger place in Vancouver by Vancouverites, does Splitz Grill live up to its expectation?  Vancouver isn't really known for having good burgers nor are the health-conscious Vancouverites known for eating a lot of burgers.  The competition is pretty slim, and the consumers are apathetic .  Being on the "wedding diet" for over a year, I am not exactly the burger expert either.

The Lengendary Splitz Burger 2/3lb
However, Splitz Grill definitely did not disappoint my high expectation, and their burgers were worth every calorie. Dennis was in heaven, moaning and groaning over each sinful bite.   He called his 2/3 pound classic burger "Gastronomical Behemoth" along with numerous other creative and lovely adjectives.  If the burger had feelings, it would blush. Their house special BBQ sauce was to die for and made us slightly euphoric.

A cross section of the same burger
However, the lamb burger wasn't as amazing, and I would recommend skipping it altogether.  The fries weren't phenomenal either, and if you are watching your calories, skip this too.

If you happened to try other burgers, let me know what you think. I love Main Street.

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