Monday, December 20, 2010

Poultry Nesting Doll Project: Step 6

How much food can 25 people eat?
Time to cook the turducken.  It's pretty simple. Oven preheat to 350F, drizzle the turducken with whiskey, and bake for 6 hours, covered. Then, another half an hour uncovered. Because the bird(s) had no bone, it cooked a lot faster than you would think it does.

Anyway, I douse the bird with Canadian whiskey (Scotch was too expensive).  Then, we put it in the oven and start prepping for the rest of the feast.  Occasionally, I would moisten it with a turkey baster.  Turducken also releases a lot of liquid which needs to be removed regularly to avoid overflow.

We made salad, salad dressing, pasta with meat sauce, and bacon gravy. Yes, gravy made from bacon fat.

We actually miscalculate the internal temperature of the bird and removed the foil too early, burning the surface of the breast.   I would suggest sticking the meat thermometer straight down from the centre of the chest.  It needs to register 160F.  If you don't have a meat thermometer, you can also make a small cut in the centre to see if the juice is clear. If there is blood, it needed to be cooked longer.  Remember to re-cover it, so you don't burn the surface like we did.  Also, convection oven would be ideal.

Do you hate carving turkey? Trying to get around the bones and making sure everyone has equal amount of portion?  You sure will love carving turducken. Without a single bone, the bird yields lovely slices (with stuffing included!) without a fight.  You can cuts right through, oozing moisture everywhere.

From top: turkey, stuffing, duck, stuffing, chicken, stuffing, duck swimming in delicious meat juice.

And it was delicious! The meat was moist and each bite offered different wonderful flavours.  Writing about it make me salivate! We ended up only having 15 people.  Even though the bird was meant to feed 30 people, 15 people cleaned up the entire bird and fought over the last pieces.  Considering the bird was 27 pound, that means everyone had at least 1.8 pounds of meat.

My guests continued to mentioned that it was a phenomenal experience and wished for another turducken for Christmas. For me, I will never eat turkey on its own again.  It has to be turducken.

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