Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poultry Nesting Doll Project: Step 4

This method of deboning turkey is specifically for keeping the turkey completely intact, just without bones.  This was done for our Poultry Nesting Doll Project.  The father of Market Meat's owner, Zul, deboned this turkey for us. He had 50 years of experience as a butcher.  He is such a wonderful man, skilled butcher, and a knowledgeable chef.  That day, he not only taught me how to debone turkey but also plenty of foodie tipbits.

Spine is out
Unfortunately, the video was cut short, because my low budget camera ran out of memory.  Hopefully I will have the chance to film the entire process in the future. (I have already bought a bigger memory card). Here are some additional photos I took after my camera refused to film any further.

Taking out a rib
After the video ended, he pulled out the spine (like a piece of string!) right out of the turkey. Then he efficiently worked on taking out the collar bones, wishing bone, and the arm bones. Then he remove each rib  and random bones one by one, rolling the turkey inside out like the sleeve of a jacket.

At this point, the turkey was completely turned inside out, as he carefully worked on the breast bone.  He explained that this was the most difficult part of the operation, because there were very little meat between the centre of the breast bone and the skin.  One false move, he would break the skin.

Done!  The only bones that were left were the legs and wing bones, which were purposely left in.  The turkey was still intact with only two opening: the front and back. The whole process took only 8 minutes for our master butcher.

The finished product

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