Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dragon Ball Teahouse

My brother, Andy, is a self-proclaimed bubble tea expert and he used to drink two or three bubble teas a day, driving hours just to try out new places.  Bubble tea flows in his veins...  He believes Dragon Ball Teahouse has the best bubble tea in town and my friends all agreed independent of his review.

The little tea shop is busy all year round and packed like a clown car.  Despite the traffic, the place is always clean, the staffs are always nice, and their efficiency rivals that of Starbucks.  However, order your drinks to go, because the busy King Edward Street offers more quiet and ambience than inside the store.

The most importantly, the quality of their tapioca balls are always perfectly cooked: not too soft, chewy, or grainy.  The tea base is fresh (like coffee, tea only stay fresh for a few hours) and offers the delicate balance of tea's natural bitterness and sweetness.

The drink is $3.5 with pearls $0.5 comes to $4.0, which is the industry standard.  You will likely spend more money on gas travelling to this store then 4 dollars, but it's well worth it and you will keep coming back.

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