Friday, December 10, 2010

The Down Under...

Have you ever heard of "Two Buck Chuck"?  The famous (or infamous) wines sell for $1.99 per bottle that happened to be very popular with teenagers and the breakfast club, a like.

The clever Bronco Wine Company mass produce different grape varieties in the hot, dry, central valley of California, ferment in large batches, and then bottled in large factory assembly line.  They have both reds and white: cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, pinot grigio, and more.

Is it good? It is definitely better than what you would imagine a wine of $1.99 would taste like. In fact, it's extreme value shiraz won many awards.

During the 2007-2008 economic crisis, Australians had more wine than they can possibly sell.  Many wineries, good and bad, had to contemplate dumping their wine, good or bad, in order to save storage cost.  Bronco Wine Company waltz in and bought all their chardonnay at a couple dollars per TON.  With the US:Aussie currency rate at that time, they were pretty much committing robbery.  They dumped all the chardonnay, regardless where, what, or how the wine came from, into tankers, shipped to California where they are bottled and labelled in the large factory assembly line.  The company sold these for $2.99 and $7.99 in Canada, per bottle.  They gave it the cheeky (economically and geographically appropriate)  name, "Down Under".

Is it good? I bought a bottle and tried it out.  It was actually not bad for $7.99.  I had worse that cost more.  There wasn't any (at all) distinctive nuances.  It was pretty much a generic white wine (a.k.a it is white and it is a wine.)  A perfect thirst clenching wine for people who just want to drink without thinking too much.

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