Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trainer's Tip from Christina

Hopefully I have piqued some interest with my last blog post and have gotten some thinking about the primal lifestyle. It focuses on eating whole, natural foods (lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds), getting lots of quality sleep and training smart.

I have personally seen great results on many different levels. Huge gains in terms of body composition and training performance, as well as improved digestion and reduced sugar cravings.

Being a busy Personal Trainer, I tend to have a few set "go-to" recipes; stewed tomatoes, peppers with extra lean ground beef or chicken breast stir-fried with almond butter, spinach, onion and carrots.
Lately, I have been tapping my creative powers and having a lot of fun experimenting with different recipes to keep "paleo" eating interesting.

My favorite thus far has been my hybrid of a Double Down and Australian style hamburger. The Double Down is a KFC creation that sandwiches two chicken fillets around bacon, cheese and special sauce, sans bun. An Australian burger is a beef patty topped with sliced beets, fried egg, cheese, bacon and pineapple ring. Right now you are probably grossed out or confused. How could something inspired by these two things be healthy and delicious?
Allow me to educate.

I made two thin patties using extra lean ground beef, olive oil, onions and garlic. I grilled these and stacked on sliced beets, spinach, tomato, pineapple and a fried egg. On the side, I had a mixed salad with spinach, carrots and peppers to get some more foliage. It was amazingly satisfying meal packed with lean protein and vegetables.

All in all, the Primal Aussie Double Down was a fantastic success and will be added to my paleo menu, especially when I have company to impress! Get creative in the kitchen and see what delicious primal meals you can create.

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