Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My New Toy

Few years ago Dennis got me an expensive Blentec Blender - you know, the one from the "Will It Blend" youtube series.  This machine was a beast - crushing things with a motor loud enough to shake the house.   As with every electronic appliance that had the misfortune of having me as an owner, it finally died after a few years of abuse and misuse. "It Will Blend" was my motto.  Most notably, I tried to blend mochi (condense dough of glutenous rice), and the blender was never the same ever again.  Will-It-Blend Blender will not blend mochi.

Cuisinart Food Processor / BlenderImportant Lesson: Don't use your blender as a food processor and vice versa. Blender is for grinding liquid such as juice and soup while food processor are for dry stuff such as nuts and dough.

Dennis got me a new (and more practical) toy for our anniversary: Cuisinart Duet Blender and Food Processor.  It has separate blender and food processor attachment and additional blades for different chopping and shredding function.  It's also cheap enough if I somehow killed it again, it has a three year warranty or we can just buy another one.  This is the perfect solution for my little kitchen - and it doesn't shake the house when I make smoothie in the morning.

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