Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trainer's Tip from Christina

Today’s Trainer Tip is short and sweet, focusing on the “why” rather then the “what” or “what not”

As we step into the Fall season, back into school or returning from holidays to busy work season, the levels of stress in our lives increase and can negatively effect our best efforts to slim down.
When emotions and stress levels run high & the whole world seems to be pulling out from under you, the easiest & most valuable thing you can ask yourself when you go to eat something is “why”.
That one little word can help keep you trim and on track when life impedes your good exercise intentions.
If the answer is anything but legitimate hunger then the best course of action is take a breather & ask yourself if eating this will solve the problem or help the situation that is causing the stress.

The answer is no. Period.

Try to find alternative actions to bring comfort and deal with the situation.
Take a walk to cool down, have a drink of water, make a list of what you can do to deal with the trouble situation, call a friend to connect or ask for advice. Find what works for you and focus on implementing it when you notice that your reaching for a snack when your not hungry.

Focusing on this helps us to keep food as the fuel it should be & something to enjoy when we are legitimately hungry.

Keep positive, focused & moving!

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