Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Taiwan 2010: Part 3

Unfortunately, I was not in Taiwan for pleasure.  It was business - sort of - foodie business!  The Taiwanese government sponsored a 3 week program for Taiwanese people with foreign passport within the food industry - everything is free.  Somehow (they probably made a clerical error) I got into this program.  The average age of my classmates are twice my age, and most had several restaurants.  One woman even had 17 chains. They were there to have a good time and learn to expand their business internationally.  Then there was me, a random blogger who aren't even making any income from blogging.  (48 faces raised their eyebrow and stared at me when I introduced myself).  Guh intimidating!

That was my lunch on Day 2. This is a very standard lunch for office folks in Taiwan.  Let's see... we had stewed pork in a soy spice reduction, tofu, steamed greens (cabbage, peas with garlic), shredded chicken on rice for $2.80 CND.  The portion was well portioned. No fries, no cheese, no refined carbs, cream, or coke.  Yet delicious! No wonder people stay thin in Taiwan.

The container is recycled paper with environmentally friendly ink. The university issued non-disposable personal utensil that I carried with me everyday. Garbages were completely recycled: paper, plastic, and compost.  Just like Japan!

These were pastries made by students are the university. It was served during meeting breaks.  These were all traditional Taiwanese pastries. The sun cakes, moon cakes, and egg cake, phenix cake, etc.  All containing eggs unfortunately.  Btw, Taiwan is not an allergy friendly place.  People here don't really have allergies.  I used to not have any allergies when I was living in Taiwan either.  Only after 10 years in Canada, I acquired some allergies (maybe we are too clean?).

Anyway, we also met a celebrity chef... He didn't do much talking though.  People were more interested in taking his photo and have him sign stuff.  I am sure he is a great cook, but I would have rather hear him talk and ask him questions....

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