Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Poultry Nesting Dolls Project

My friends and I were chatting about roasting turkey at Simply Thai for the Taste of the Yaletown event. Not sure how the conversation came about, but decided to make a goose-turkey-duck-cornish hen-squab-quail-etc roast, using bacon fat for lubrication for squeezing one bird into another.  None of us have ever roast something of this magnitude, so it will take bit of research and prep to find right size birds and all the necessary equipment (and oven).

Birds of this size can probably feed 30-40 (or more) people, so we have decided to make an event out of it, giving us about three weeks to plan aiming for November 21st.  Whoever wants to witness and eat this bird must help us cover the cost of the event.  Depend on the venue, I would like to open the event to my reader, so i will keep you posted!

I will periodically update everyone on the progress of making this 'bird'.  If you have any experience baking similar monster, please let me know about your experience and any tips that we can use.

Here is the facebook page for the event.  Please click attending or like if you are interested. Knowing an estimate on the number of guests would help us decide just how many birds to stuff.

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