Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Brix

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the courtyard
The Brix & Wine Bar located in Yaletown heritage building with this gorgeous, romantic, warm covered courtyard.   Dennis and I were really impressed with huge menu and delicious food the first time we went; the restaurant was on our short list for wedding venues.  For Taste of the Yaletown, we dragged Peter to The Brix take some photos. The Brix was worthy of Peter's amazing photography.

Remember Dine Out Vancouver?  The entire event was a rip-off; the top tier restaurants were offering substandard reheated food, yuck.  For $35 dollar, the Brix offered delicious 3 course meal at a great value.  I definitely will be going back especially for their 5-mushroom risotto and recommend the restaurant to everyone.

Food: (4/5)
Butternut Squash Risotto
We were able to order everything on the Taste of Yaletown Menu and a little more. The appetizer breads with the conventional butter, basamic vinegar and olive oil were a little strange and salty. (3) The butternut risotto was delicious and satisfying, but not special (3.5).  The blue cheese in the Duck Confit Salad added a nice kick and complex flavours the salad. (3.5) Dennis loved the scollop risotto - salty and smoky. (4) So far so good.  Appetizers were well portioned and the quality of the ingredients were fresh and freshly cooked!
Flat Iron Steak
The star of the main course was the Five Mushroom Risotto - this is what I have come back to the restaurant for.  Rich mushroom aroma with hint of truffle was mind melting; the texture was perfect (4.5).  Ling Cod was impressive as well: a large portion of perfectly cooked fish candied pecan and delicious creamy pasta. (4).  The steak was perfectly cooked - which should be standard for restaurant of this caliber. Its carbernet wine demi was delicious - what I would do to get that sauce recipe. (4.5)  My lamb dish from the normal menu was a little ordinary.  I enjoyed the big fatty pieces of candied lamb, but I had better for cheaper (3.5).
The Brix had Vanilla bean Panna Cotta.  I have been waiting to try another panna cotta since A Kettle Fish's 5/5 Calvado Penna Cotta.  However, Brix's was not as good as that one.  It was pretty decent and subtle in flavour, but inferior (3.5).  The table wasn't very impressed with Sticky Toffee Pudding either, which tasted like maple syrup.

A meal like this would have usually cost around $40-50 per person.  Overall, we were very pleased with our meal for $35.

Scallops with Duck Fried Risotto
Service (3.5/5)
The service was good and consistent throughout our meal there. Food were served quickly and together.  Water glass was always filled up, and we never ran out of alcohol at any given time.  It was everything you would expect out of a dinner service.

Ambience: (4/5)
The place is gorgeous. Not in the expensive designer-jewel-box sense, but a simple elegance, drawing out the rustic beauty of the heritage building.  I find the courtyard irresistibly romantic and secluded.  It would be a great place for that third date or even the big proposal.   The music selection was modern, cool, and not annoying.

Overall Experience (4/5):
The wine list was diverse and well put together.  There are plenty of quality selections at all range of prices  We were able to get a bottle of Camenere at a very decent price.  There is a decent beer list, which is still rare in restaurants.  Dennis has introduce Godfather to Peter and I, which I will talk about later in a separate post.

Total: (15.5/20)
Five mushroom risotto is a must try. It's $35 menu is the best of the four restaurants I have tired so far.  Their regular menu items are just as delicious and huge portions.

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