Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Benkei Ramen

Guess how much is this gigantic bowl of deliciousness?
Dining in Vancouver is finally heading in the right direction.  We are seeing tons of specialized ramen houses, beef don houses, izakaya, and even grab-and-go bento boxes and onigri at competitive prices.  No, sushi houses are not really Japanese. Dennis is in heaven.  Japan is being brought to Vancouver at an amazing pace.

omg one dollar onigri
Benkei Ramen is a Japanese ramen house chain popping up everywhere in Vancouver.  It specializes 5 styles of authentic delicious Japanese ramen for $6-8.  Yes, you can get your belly full on delicious (maybe nutritious) food for less than $8 on Vancouver West side.  I can never finish my bowl.

On top of that, the restaurants are always clean, well run, and the serves are always great. You get your food within 5 minutes after you order, making this place accessible even for people on their lunch break. A solid demonstration of Japanese's ingenuity in space, business, and food management.

I definitely recommend everyone to try it out.  Think it this way: it's the same price as a large pho but with more ingredients, better service, and lower chance of food poisoning.  However, the noodle does contain eggs.

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