Friday, September 17, 2010

Taiwan 2010: Part 1

Time to blog about my trip to Taiwan.  This is a very typical breakfast shop and they are about as saturated as Starbucks in Vancouver.  You would see one of these every other block.

Let's look at the picture to the left.  We have a clean, well organized station of a slow cooker, three different hot teas (possibly black, green, and red), cold teas, soy milk (sweeten and unsweeten).  This particular breakfast franchise is also famous for their barley milk which is delicious, healthy, and low in calories.

Green onion egg wrap
In North America, we are used to the big value deal of sausage, bacon, eggs, omelets, pancakes, and steaks.   You won't find these heart attack inducing food in these little breakfast joints in Taiwan.

Sausage and Ham Egg Wrap
Egg wraps are the favoured form of breakfast in Taiwan.  Eggs are broken and cooked on a teppan, a flat iron griddle, similar to how you would cook sunny side up.  The soft doughy flour wrap then are placed on the half cooked eggs allowing the two to stick together.  The egg "sheet" is then flipped over and other ingredients or sauces can be added in at this time, before it is wrapped up and cut into sections.   There are a lot of options for the additional ingredients, such as tuna, pork floss (very popular one), bonito, pickle, corn, tomato, spices, etc.

Now this is how I like my sandwiches - without crust. Btw, breads in Taiwan are a different beast.  They are extra doughy, soft, with a hint of sweetness (and slightly undercooked).  You will not find a loaf of bread in Taiwan with tough chewy crust.  Again, these sandwiches come with very different flavours and ingredients than the ones in North America.  Here we have here breakfast sausage patty, eggs, ham, cucumber, and tomato.  Taiwanese mayo is clarified with a hint of sweetness.  Pork floss is another favoured ingredient for these sandwiches. (Dennis hates them though. Perhaps it's not for the Western palate).

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  1. I LOVE breakfast time in Taiwan... :)
    No need to prepare breakfast at home when there are so many delicious food choices out there!