Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peter's Farm

Peter and Jean
Peter's family owns a farm in Richmond.  I had the opportunity to go pick blueberries last weekend.  It was the last chance before autumn rain ruins the berries.  Peter's blueberries are completely natural.  They were not sprayed with chemical and had minimum human interventions.  Some premium trees were cropped earlier in the spring to ensure bigger and more flavourful fruits (sort of like grapes for wine!)

There were rows after rows of blueberry trees filled with delicious ripe berries.  There are no less than 12 different types of blueberries in BC along.  I had the first hand experience eating from different blueberry trees.  Some were acidic with pronounce fruit, some had minty herby tastes, and some were super sweet.  Peter encouraged us to graze from tree to tree until we find our favourite flavour.  Everyone seems to like the minty blueberries.  I focused on more acidic berries (to make jams and preserves) and also those minty ones for the Duck Pot Pie.

Helen holding delicious garlics
We came across lots of different critters during the pickings.  I am pretty sure I ate a few bugs here and there when I was grazing. Well, it was just protein and I didn't notice it.  My hands and clothing were stained purple.

The farm also produces various other vegetables and herbs.  Green beans, peas, corns, plum, apples, garlics (which were amazing btw). The neighbor gave us two massive zucchini.

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