Friday, August 20, 2010

Karma Coffee

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Barney, my supervisor at Whole Foods when I worked there, introduced this coffee to Dennis. And ever since then, he has been hooked!  This coffee is fair trade and locally roasted on Vancouver Island.  Dennis and I are planning a trip to visit there soon!  Coffee is Dennis's heroin.  If he was less diligent about dental hygiene, his teeth should be black now. Below is Dennis's review of his beloved coffee.

Karma Coffee - Kazee
Earthy, smoky, medium-bodied, very little acidity. Kazee is comparable to a French roast, but without being as fully bodied. It also lacks that characteristic bitterness of a French roast that normally demands it be had with cream. A good coffee for both morning and evening drinking, but not necessarily ideal for either.. I prefer to drink my coffee black, and Kazee is no different. However, there is a little richness that is missing,, so putting a dash of cream is discretionary, but I would probably recommend doing so for most people. Kazee would pair well with a bran muffin, or a semi-sweet dessert like a biscotti. Any overly flavourful foods would take over the flavours of the Kazee. Actually, a semi-sweet 70%~ cocoa content dark chocolate would probably be absolutely perfect.

I would recommend Kazee for anyone who likes French roasts and wants to try out an organic and locally roasted coffee company. Kazee, which is type of coffee roasted by Karma Coffee on Vancouver island, retails for $14.29 at Whole Foods in Vancouver.

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