Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Granville Island Hefeweizen

Granville Island is a local micro-brewery that is named after a little island in the middle of Vancouver Metropolis.  It is an urban oasis filled with waterfront restaurants, theaters, galleries, art studios, and our famous farmer's market.  This is a must-see place for any tourist.  Granville Island Brewery is Vancouver's most famous micro-brewery.

Here is Dennis's review:

Graville Island "Robson Street" Hefeweizen has been a staple beverage in our household and on the road since in inception (or at least its discovery by Christine and I). We use this citrusy, sparkly, smooth Hefeweizen for drinking AND cooking, so whether you're reading Christine's blog to enhance your culinary repertoire or to discover a new drink pairing, you're reading the right post!

A Hefeweizen is a white beer with a cloudy, semi-translucent look. You'll often find them in restaurants served with a slice or orange or lemon (my preference being orange) to complement the already bright flavour of the drink. Hefeweizens are quite possibly the least bitter beer out there next to Latin lagers like Corona, as there are characteristically no, or at least very little hops added in the brewing process.

The Granville Island "Robson Street" Hefeweizen is an awesome Hefeweizen for anyone to drink, and its especially accessible to drinkers who are new to Hefeweizens in particular. It's a little sweeter, and smoother than other wheat beers I've tried, and it also isn't as prohibitively expensive as some of its European counterparts. If you're reading this from outside of the Canadian West, then be sure to try your local microbrewery Hefeweizen.

Be sure to check back soon for the Hefeweizen version of the "Frat-boy Chicken"~!

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