Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trattoria: Update

I just received this email from Trattoria.

Chiao Christine,
Thank you for coming back to Trattoria! Sorry to read on your comment card that you did not like the menu....You could have called me to the table and we could talk about it in more detail....
Please don't stop coming back to Trattoria....we will improve the menu and also if I know that you are coming I will ask my chef to make something that you like, something from the old menu...What was the dish that you liked on the old menu, but we don't have it on the new menu?
Please keep in touch
Best regards

Stefan Mintchev

Restaurant Manager
Trattoria Italian Kitchen

Talking about customer service! I am so impressed! Gonna email him back: Lamb Sausage Pappardelle.

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