Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seattle: Pike Place

Now that I have finally finished my Japan trip, I can move on to the Seattle one. Living in Vancouver, I really should visit Seattle more.  On every Seattle trip, Pike Place Market is always our first stop, before hotel, food, or friends (sorry folks).  Granville Island is nice too, but Pike Place has lot of awesome stuff we just don't get in Vancouver.  For example, Rainier Cherry for $3 per pound or chocolate covered Rainier Cherry (yum!). At this time of the season, Vancouver Rainier Cherries were going for $6.99 per pound.

Did you know one single little cherry contains 1% of your daily fiber? Dennis and I bought a pound and snacked on it while we shop.  Not only was it a healthy snack, but that was also 50% of our daily fiber right there.

Pappardelle's Pasta is a mandatory stop for Dennis and I.  They carry awesome products and have amazing services.  We spent the next 45 minute sampling each and every olive oils and pasta. They were all so good!  The lovely lady talked about each and every products and tips on how to prepare them.   At the end, we walked away with:  four pounds of whole wheat orzo, 4 pounds of various pappardelle (sweet potato, tomato cracked pepper, garlic black pepper, etc), 6 bottles of flavoured olive oil (roasted garlic chardonnay, rosemary roasted garlic cabernet, garlic balsamic bistro oil, white truffle olive oil...).  The payment thing has a tip section (oooohhh....).

Next stop is the liquor store.  When you purchase a bottle of wine in BC, you are paying approximately 120% tax it.  I always stock up when I am in US: a little bit of Oregon pinot noir and some French this and that.  These products are about 30-60% of the prices than the ones in BC.  Sneaking them back across the board is hard though.  I normally just consumed them over night, just incase.

Cherries check, Pasta, check, alcohol check.  Now we have time to browse around and sample each and everything we can get our hands on.  Dennis picked up a jar of cherry pie fillings; we haven't put it into a pie yet, but I will let you guys know when we finally get around to it.  I bought some dark chocolate covered rainier cherries; the little bag lasted 2 minutes between Dennis and I.  We went back to buy a second bag.

The highlight for our pike place tour this time was the new Honey stand, offering natural, unpasteurized honey with no additives.  There were different flavours of honey such as lavender, black raspberry, madrona tree, white valet dew.  They make these flavours by moving the beehives at night to locations where these trees or flowers are blossoming.   The honey natural pick up the flavours! Neat eh?

Of course, we drop by the infamous fish monger and watch them toss fish around and sing songs. We also drop by the original Starbucks too (not sure why we keep doing this every time we visit Seattle. Maybe it's out of habit.)  The first Starbuck doesn't look any different from all other ones around the world. Maybe a little rustic, but not really. Coffee tasted the same.  Starbucks is slowly becoming Seattle versions of Tim Horton, which is synonymous with cheap watery coffee.  Indeed, Seattle has tons of unique coffee houses offering phenomenal coffee at equal caliber to 49th Parallel.

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