Saturday, July 3, 2010

Japan: Matsuyama Part 2

This is the 15th post of my Traveling in Japan series.
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We were still in our awesome hotel.  We were served fugu, the poison fish, on the third night.  Fugu tasted like all other sashimi and wasn't particularly spectacularly considering that I was risking death to eat it.  For dessert, we were given three grapes each.  Three grapes? Wasn't that a little cheap for a five star hotel? Not if these grapes were the size of golf balls.

Japan just does everything right, including growing amazing grapes. These grapes are grown locally in the suburbs, in green houses.  Each vine only supports a few grapes and the grape stems are supported and tapped to the vines to ensure they don't fall off.   The grape's skin was delicate (not too thick) and full of flavours, and the grape juice was already slightly fermented.  Oh it was orgasmic!   We tried to buy more from the hotel but they would not sell any to us.  Later on, we found similar (but inferior) grapes at Kyoto for $12 per bunch.

Anyway, after the fugu dinner, Dennis and I retired to our private outdoor onsen.  He proposed to me that night.  While we were in the onsen with two cups of ice cold saki and slices of mandarin oranges in a floating bamboo basket, urrounded by bamboo trees, under the clear star lit sky.  It was beautiful.  I am such a lucky girl to find such an awesome man. Needless to say, Dennis and I did not manage to get out of our hotel much while in Matsuyama.

We did manage to do a couple things:

I was 'attempting' the traditional tea ceremony. Boy, it was hard on the knees.

Check out the delicately cut pineapples.

Maybe we should go back for our honeymoon.

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