Friday, July 30, 2010

Stanley Park Amber Ale

I have finally persuaded Dennis to be my guest speaker every other Thursday, alternating with Christina.  Dennis loves his coffee and beer and spends great deal of time and energy understanding them.  What do you guys like to read more about? Beer or coffee? Both?
For his first post, he would like to start with beer:

Stanley Park Amber Ale is a well-balanced beer, that is akin to your typical honey lager. It has a bright copper colour, and has an initial flavour that is somewhat similar to what you would expect in a honey, and like a honey, it is also lighter than comparable ales. What sets it apart from honey lagers, and makes this particular beverage special, is that absence of a thick semi-sweetness that characterizes the honey lager type. The Stanley Park Ale is full, yet refreshing, and it has a richness that definitely reminds us that is in fact an ale. This amber has a lot more character than most ambers I've tried, which are usually defined as being a drink with an identity crisis, too light to appeal to ale drinkers, and not light and refreshing enough to appeal to lager drinkers. I feel the Amber will appeal to both, with its woodsy, maize-like highlights.

I would definitely recommend the Stanley Park Amber to anyone who is looking for a new and balanced beer, but is fed up with trying every Canadian honey lager microbrew under the sun. Moreover, the Stanley Park brewery is green-energy powered, so if you have one of these beauties in your hand at a BBQ, you'll have one less sorrow to drown out!
Anyway, we would love for some feedback to your thoughts and what you would like to read more!

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