Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guest Speaker: Christina Longo

Christina is my personal trainer.  Dennis and I have collectively lost 50 pounds in 4 months with her help.  She has given me a lot of dietary and culinary advice over these few months.  I thought it would be fun to feature her every other Thursday.  She can share her wisdom with everyone.  This is what she have for us this week:

 My name is Christina Longo. I am a personal trainer, spin instructor in Vancouver. I love sports, particularly snowboarding, soccer, surfing. Nutrition is a significant component to any training program, if not the most important for many individuals. I believe it is important to balance taste and enjoyment of food with getting the proper fuel that your body needs for its workouts. I worked as a cook for a long time in a restaurant, I have learned alot about what to avoid when eating out as well as how to make healthy food taste excellent without adding too many extra calories or fat. Every second week, I will be contributing a healthy eating tip to this blog. Enjoy!

Todays Tip: At a restaurant, often burger buns or paninis are brushed with butter even if you ask for no mayonnaise. If you are watching calories, make sure you ask for your bread dry so you can enjoy the delicious toppings without unnecessary additional calories of fat from mayo (100 cal / tbs) or butter.

If you have any additional nutrition questions or are interested in stepping up your workout with some personal training, check out her website at or email me at longoc AT live DOT com

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