Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Computer is fixed!

Sorry for being away.  My beloved Macbook Pro had experienced a blank screen of death.  I purchased this baby in Taiwan without any additional warranty other than the 1 year manufacturing.  With a sense of dread, I took it to an Apple stores, excepting to pay an arm and a leg for the repair or having to buy a new laptop.

My laptop broke in the worst way possible.  The motherboard malfunctioned, and it needed to be replaced.  A logic board would cost me $2400 before tax (might as well buy a new laptop).  However, because it was a known problem, Apple will continue to support replacing the logic board whether you have a warranty or not.  The repair was completely free, and I am basically sporting a brand new motherboard in my 3 year old laptop - for free. They even threw in a free cleaning for the underside of my keyboard and mouse pad!

Try getting this type of sweet deal with Microsoft! Apple will continue to have my love and affection forever. (Sorry Jess and Mike)

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