Monday, June 28, 2010

Japan: Matsuyama Part 1

This is the 15th post of my Traveling in Japan series.
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Matsuyama is famous for its  ancient hot springs.  Near our hotel was the giant thousand year old bathhouse where emperors and their court would come for holiday.  Our hotel, the famous Dogo, was gorgeous!  It also built right ontop of a hot spring and has water that flows continuously from one floor to another.  Our room was HUGE with a private backyard with a private onsen (hot spring bath).  If it is not enough, a giant onsen was located on the second floor.  The room has the lovely traditional Japanese design with tatami floor (to Dennis's dismay: no mattress).

The room are filled with all sort of amenities and comes with a designated old lady servent (who spoke no English at all).  She was adorable, maternal, and a hard worker.  She served us dinner, traditional Japanese style, in our room.

For dinner, we were to get into our ukata, domestic and casual version of kimono.  The 5 course dinner was handwritten on a scroll and the food was organic and sourced locally. Side salad and freshly caught sashimi accompanied the 5 course dinner every night.  Each creation was different from the next and beautifully plated.

After dinner, we were to retired to the back room, close the tatami doors, and enjoy our private onsen with a bottle of ice cold shochu and a basket of fruit, while staffs clean up our dinner and lay out our bedding for the night.

Life is so hard sometimes, eh?

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