Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am back!

Which one is what? Hint: They are all white wine. You have 15 minutes. Ready, Set, Go!

Sorry for disappearing.  My advance WSET wine course robbed me a month of my life.   I sort of asked for it.  The instructor had warned me that the course is designed for professional already working in the industry and inspiring sommelier preparing for the diplomat course.   In my class, there was a vineyard owner and his two employees, the daughter of Jackson Trigs, the heir of Road 13, a restaurant owner, district manager for a large hotel chain, chef from Italian Restaurant, wine researchers from UBC, the list goes on.  And then, there was me.   I was having trouble separating Zinfandel from Syrah, while these people can identify 2002 Nuit-Saint-George Pinot Noir with just a quick whiff.

I am determined to be a foodie to be reckoned with.  Especially being one of the only two Asian person in the class, I feel I have something to prove.  I poured my life into this course.  I bought two dozen bottles of wine, did blind tasting at home, I even bought fruit and dried fruit, and stocked my herb drawers with relevant aromatic herbs.  Of course, that damn textbook, study guide, and sample exams.  I have become quite familiar with German and French now.  I was pretty sure I was going to fail the exam. I gave up on studying on the night before the exam.  The course has a 3-part exam: blind tasting, multiple choice, and 4 essay questions. I must pass each part of the exam separately in order to pass the course to become internationally certified to work in the wine industry. Could I identify a Chateaux Marguax 2000 in a blind tasting? No.  What were the 8 recommanded grape type used in the making of Port? Hm...I could spell 2.  Name two wines from each region of Italy? Oh god, no. I was inevitably going to fail, especially the written section.

On Monday, the moment of reckoning, what were the essay questions?
1. Pair the following dishes, suggest two of each, choose two wine from the list and list style, region, the grape variety, and price, and explain why: King Prawns Salad, New York Steak with mash potato and green beans, chocolate cheese cake with sour raspberry and chocolate reduction (tricky one!), various cheese, and the wedding cake.
2. Name all the additives that are put in wine before fermentation, the purpose, and the restrictions.
3. The complete champaign making process, with key terms in French.
4. (This one puts a smile on my face) list all the 10 Beaujolais grand crus.
5. List major grape varieties in Australia and New Zealand with region and fruit profile.

I think I passed the test. Pretty good considering I went in thinking I was going to fail it.  All the wine blogging have saved me, especially the Champaign and Spanish section.  I do love blogging and I am going to start making up for all the days I have missed!

I am back!

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