Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cooking Bootcamp Day 4

Day 4 was a little on the quiet side. However, it gave us a lot of time to ask question about the Friday's Black Box Cooking Contest. We will have to prepare a salmon tartar and make another hot appetizer and main course from two secret ingredients.  Chef Walter gave us two days to find a good salmon tartar recipe online, but the key ingredient for the other two dishes will remain a secret until the cook-off.

First, Daube Provencal (a.k.a Boeuf a La Bourguignon on crack; a.k.a sex in a fancy bowl).  Let's see, we started preparing the veal broth on Tuesday, marinated the beef on Wednesday, and stewed it all day on Thursday.  This recipe decimated Julia Child's Boeuf a La Bourguignon.  Who was I kidding? How can I compare a seasoned head chef of a Michelin 3 star restaurant with a housewife with some French training?  I moaned and groaned with each bite.

This Potato Feuillette is a delicious creation made with potato, brie, cream, lard, and puff pastry.  I have learned a dozen different ways to use puff pastry.  I usually dislike brie (ate too much at it when I was working at Capers), but it fused perfectly with the rest of the ingredient in the pie.  It was creamy and absolutely delicious.

There are a lot of good looking students and staffs in the class.  Recommended for all singles.

Bootcamp Day 5

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