Friday, June 25, 2010

Cooking Bootcamp Day 3

Wednesday, the veal broth was ready, after a night of simmering. Time to marinate the beef.

This was a beautiful, delicious, and innovative vegetarian appetizer: Roasted Eggplant (Aubergine) with goat cheese, anchovy, and a puff pastry biscuit.   This course made me realize just how difficult it is to make a proper tomato sauce.  This one in the picture is not properly made.  It had a rim of moisture. 

Chicken Stuffed with Mushroom Duxelles, morel sauce, green bean (wrapped with bacon), and asparagus.  This was probably the most satisfying dish to make.  I loved the presentation, the variety of texture and ingredient.  I love stuffing things with more things. This Mushroom duxelles will definitely make its way into my kitchen in the near future. 

Roasted Banana with Peach and Kiwi Coulis.  This dish was almost vegan, except the butter used to bake the banana.  I am pretty sure we can skip the butter.  This dish is absolutely beautiful.

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