Friday, June 25, 2010

Cooking Bootcamp Day 2

Our classroom. It's a state of the art kitchen. My dream kitchen.

Day 2, we started this lovely day with a pile of whole salmon with scale, head, and such.  We knew what was coming next.  We spent the morning learning how to clean, cut, filet these lovelies.

Did you know a peeler is an effective de-boning equipment.

Once the fish was fillet, Day 2 was more about sauces.  Like any good French sauce, it would be some combination of butter, cream, sugar, and lard.  We made Bechamel Sauce (which was butter, flour, cream) and Roasted Salmon Paillard (which was butter, cream, lard), and Orange Cinnamon Cream Brule (which was egg, cream, butter).

The rose in the picture are simply tomato peels! Isn't it lovely.  This was simply baked salmon with a cream sauce with some potato and leek! "The English are very familiar with this dish" Walter would yelled while glaring at the British woman in the class. "Why did you burn our Joan!"

This is Prawn Bechamel Stuffed portobello Mushroom. I found the preparation for the portobello mushroom pretty ingenious. The orange oil is actually made with paprika and turmeric.  I found a new use for Dennis's coffee filter!

Chef Walter boasted that his cream brulee was different from everyone else's.  It was unique alright.  It was the most dangerous method to make cream brulee.  You hold the dish in your left hand at an angle, and then you blowtorch the surface. Careful with the pinky!  On the side, grape was cooked in rum. nom nom nom.

We also made veal broth, for the beef stew on Thursday.

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