Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This week!

I am rather behind in my chocolate class.  I haven't done half of the reading, I haven't even started the assignment due this Friday, and there are an exam next week.  The advance level wine class starts this Saturday.  I am suppose to read a whole book before the class and I am still on chapter one. 

And!! Dinner Almost Impossible for May is this Friday!  I think I have some idea of what I am going to cook. The ingredients for the month is: egg, cheese, and greens.  This is a particularly challenging ingredients for me, because Dennis can't eat eggs, and cheese is definitely bad for our weight loss.

I can easily make an omelet and call it quits, but what's the challenge in that?   I got the permission to use egg replacer, but I would still like to honour the versatility of eggs in my dish.  Having worked as a Cheese specialist for a year, I really want to make use of the vagueness of this month's ingredients and showcase several of my favourite cheeses.

Btw, would you guys be interested if I start producing print-friendly versions of my recipes?

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