Monday, May 10, 2010

My One Week Dine-In Challenge

Do you think this restaurant food or home cooked? 

I spent the last two week pigging out on Dine Out Vancouver, and I am feeling a little gross from all that restaurant food. And my weight-lose stopped. I am going start a one-week Dine In Challenge for myself (and Dennis).  Why? I want to challenge myself to eat healthy, eat on budget, and lose weight for my wedding.  Restaurant food often uses too much sugar, butter, and cream in their cooking, and it is difficult to portion control.

  • No Restaurant
  • No Take Outs
  • No Pre-made or packaged Food
  • From scratch. (ex. no craft dinner)
  • Basic, minimally processed products are okay (ex. peanut butter, dry pasta, and cereals)
  • Granola Bar (otherwise Dennis goes crazy)
The challenge will go from breakfast, Monday May 10th to dinner, Sunday May 17th.  I will try to post my food diary daily and make more posts about calories and nutrients. 

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