Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introduction to Wine: Basic Types

After talking to my friends about wine during the the Dine Out, I realize I should write more fundamental information about wine.

What is Wine:
Wine is fermented juice made from grapes. The fermentation is the natural process caused by yeast that lives naturally alongside grapes in the vineyard and winery. However, there are more to wine than just alcoholic grape juice. All you have to do is do is drink two similar styles of wine side by side to understand that they are a lot of differences between each.

Types of Wine:

Light Wines: Most of the wine fall into this category. This is what people think about when someone says "wine". They are sill, that is not sparkling, or fizzy, and are between 8-15% alcohol. The majority contains 11.5-14% alcohol. Many light wines are named after the region they are produced in and/or the name of the grape used.

Sparkling Wines: These are wines where bubbles of carbon dioxide gas have been traped in the wine. Sparkling Wine does not equate to champaign. Champaign is only a brand of sparkling wine produced in Champaign, French. Other examples are Cava from Spain and Asti from Italy.

Fortified Wines: These wine have had extra alcohol added to them and therefore have higher alcohol levels of 15-22%. Examples of fortified wines included Sherry and Port.

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