Monday, May 10, 2010

Introduction to Wine: Basic Styles Part 1

This is the second of the series: Introduction to Wine.  Read about Basic Wine Types here.

Each types of wine can be made in a variety of styles according to color and taste.

Color of a wine can be determined by the type of grapes used and/or the the way the wine is made.  The flesh of the grape has no colors.  It is the skin of the grape that gives wine their colors.

Do you notice the differences in the hue of the red?

Red: the color of the wine will come from using black grapes to make the wine as the colour comes from the grape skins. The skins also contain other substances such as tannin (the substance that makes our mouths feel dry) which will make the wine different not only in color but in the way it tastes.

White wine can also have different colours.

White: White wine is usually made from the juice of white grapes, but because all the colour in black grapes is in the skin, it is possible to make white wine from black grapes if you removed the skins before fermentation. White wine are often seen as  lighter, refreshing, alternative to red wine.

Rose wine and red wine made from the same grape.

Rosé: These wines are made from black grapes where the wine has had less contact with the skins.  You will often see very pale rosé wine labelled as 'blush' wines.  Rosé wines are usually not as full as red wines but offer more body than white. Rosé tends to be a very seasonal drink, selling mostly in the summer.

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