Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dine In Challenge Day 3

Again, pencil smoothie with peach flavour - just to change it up a bit.  It has a nasty puke color and smelled a little wrong.  I always forget about the banana!

Time to do an inventory check on my fridge: vegetable check, spices check, protein check, and herbs check.  A pound of ground pork at the bottom of the fridge was staring at me.  I am such a disgrace of a Chinese: I don't like pork.  I like the taste, but I have a parasite-phobia, and I can't comfortably bring myself to handle raw pork.  However, it was time to suck it up and make some dumpling.  I needed a few make-from-scratch product for the freezer in cause Dennis gets hungry when I am not around.  Dennis and I have been avoiding white flour products, so I also had to make dumpling skin from scratch from whole wheat flour.  This was probably going to take all day, and it did.  I should have just bought ground turkey or chicken, but I wanted to make some legit dumpling so I can blog about it later.

Anyway, I mixed ground pork with salt, white pepper, and curly leaf parsley. Of course, the not-so-secret ingredient: water with a drizzle of sesame oil.  Looks like these won't be ready for lunch: saran wrap and back in the fridge.   Time to make lunch.  I made another huge salad, whole wheat pasta, and lemon pepper chicken. For pasta sauce, we used Yaya's pesto sauce: oregano, basil, flat leaf parsley, and copious amount of garlic and olive oil.  I made this in the beginning of the year and store it in the fridge.

Jean bought me a bottle of kalamata olive oil.  I got to ask her where she bought it.  It's the best olive oil I have never had. It was perfect for the gigantic salad of tomato, cucumber, and bell pepper.

Curly leaf parsley for garnish.

Dinner was nothing special.  Wednesday is usually the leftover day.  Last of the tomato soup from the weekend, leftover salad from lunch, and leftover ground turkey from yesterday.  I spent the rest of the night rolling dumpling skin.  Twenty dumplings were set aside for lunch tomorrow and the rest went into the freezer. 

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  1. Christine, Glad you like it. The olive oil was from IGA. Haven't tried it myself.