Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dine In Challenge Day 2

Tuesday, same pencil shaving smoothie in the morning and oh almost forgot about the banana.  I had some left over rice from yesterday, so I started boiling kombu and daikon to make some congee.  Congee looked rather unappetizing: soggy rice.

The stock market is rather boring today, so I decided to put some effort into lunch. I started boiling a pair of chicken thighs to make chicken broth.  I bought  salmon and prawns from Whole Food yesterday and they looked so vibrant and so fresh.   They can most likely be eaten medium rare.  For seasoning, I used smoked paprika, grounded coriander, and baharat spices on the salmon.  I also marinated some tiger prawns to make Harissa Prawns.   Then, I made a huge salad with cucumber, tomato, and the herbed olive oil.  After everything was cooked and prepared, I noticed I didn't have any sauce to go with my rice.  I chopped up some garlic and mushroom, sauté them in the same pan that I cooked the prawns in.  The mushroom soaked up the leftover spice in the pan.  With some sherry and chicken broth, it became a mushroom reduction with tangy and zesty flavour.

A dash of effort into plating.

Dennis started coughing again around dinner time, so I added some Chinese herbal medicine into my chicken broth from lunch, turning it into a ginseng booster.  Dennis didn't like the flavour; I ended up drinking the enter thing.  It tasted great, but I supposed this is an acquired taste.  There was a huge portion of salad leftover from lunch, so I added lettuce to it.   For flavour, I cooked some turkey rozhao style. This sort of tasted like peking turkey in lettuce wrap.

Tomato, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, and turkey

All the pretty red stuff and coriander sank to the bottom.

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