Monday, May 10, 2010

Chocolate Tasting: Flight #1

Jean and I bought so much chocolate. This habit is getting expensive. For our first week's homework assignment, we had to taste chocolate and write about it.  Boohoo life is so hard.

For flight #1, we have to discern quality. We had to acquire:
  • 1 High quality dark chocolate bar with 65 - 70% cocoa.
  • 1 Lindt, Toblar, or Sucard solid semisweet chocolate bar from Europe that you find in drug stores, markets or delis.
  • 1 Package of Bakers or Nestle Semisweet chocolate squares or another type of baking chocolate found in your supermarket.
  • 1 100 - 250 g ( 4 - 8 oz) sample of semisweet or dark confectioner's coating chocolate. This is also known as wafer's chocolate. A.K.A fake chocolate. A.K.A. the chocolate used cheap candy and chocolate bars.
And we got:
  • Cachet Costa Rica 71%
  • Lindt Ecuador 75%
  • Cadbury Burnt Almond Dark Chocolate
  • Fountain Wafer Dark Chocolate purchased at Capers Whole Foods Market on 4th Ave.
When I normally eat chocolate, I don't do much thinking.  I put it in my mouth, play with it, help it melt, and enjoy the delicious chocolate flavour.  Using this method, Lindt tasted the best.  It wasn't too sweet or bitter.  The chocolate "felt" high quality.  Cachet was full of nasty.

The actual chocolate taste tasting is very similar to wine tasting.  There are several components including sight, smell, sound (yes sound), texture, and flavours.  When you have to hold a chocolate in your mouth for several minutes, it is not necessarily a pleasant experience. The flavour evolves as the chocolate and sugar melt.  At some point, we started using terms such as tobacco and medicine to describe the evolution of bad flavour.

Cachet melted very slowly, but it was fine, smooth, and not gritty at all.  At first, the chocolate was musty, bitter, straw, and earthy, but the flavour slowly evolved into vanilla, woody, milk crumb notes.  The flavour lingered in my mouth for a good 5 minutes.
Lindt melted slightly faster than Cachet. Immediately, flavours of burnt coffee, nuts, tobacco, and sour cherries hit my tongue, and it was rather unpleasant. The chocolate is a little “sandy” and has a little bit of “tannin” The flavour slowly evolved into raisin, smoke, herb, and menthol. The overall medicine-y profile was unpleasant and surprising.  When I was thoughtlessly eating chocolate, Lindt definitely tasted better than Cachet.
Cadbury Burnt Almond Dark Chocolate:  After tasting the two high quality chocolate, this chocolate bar tasted simply like sugar.  Where is the chocolate?

Fountain Wafer Dark Chocolate (A.K.A fake chocolate): Tasted like butter and nutty oil. Can't taste the chocolate.

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  1. Lindt Ecuador chocolate is tasty because it is made of good quality cocoa seeds. The ground is rich of nutrients, and the weather that grows the cocoa in Ecuador is humid and fresh... so good components that result of good quality of chocolate.... I also enjoy lindt Ecuador chocolate. (I am ecuadorian hehehe, but is true that I told you above )