Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barbaresco 2004

Variety: Barbaresco
Producer: Produttori de Barbaresco
Specification: Riserva Asili
Vintage: 2004
Region: Barbaresco, Italy
Price: $60

Appearance: Clear, vibrant, deep red, with some orange
Nose: Clean, meat, earth, vanilla, oak, red fruit, cherry, violet, floral
Palate: Clean, full bodied, acidic, lots of firm tannin, chewy, tobacco, lots of flavours

Getting this wine at a blind tasting is like answering a trick question on an exam. This wine has significant signs of orange (aging), yet it still has a nice bright red shin. Tannin is so hard, you can almost chew it. This wine can't be as old as it looks. Strangely, why does such full bodied wine has nice red fruit and floral flavour usually associated with lighter wine? Ahha! The grape variety must be Nebbio, a grape that gives a natural orange color to the wine. This narrows the wine down to Barolo or Barbaresco. This is where I make a guess and hope I am right. The pros would be able to further differentiate the two. Apparently, barbaresco is slightly less bodied and softer tannin than barolo (I can't tell the differences).

Produuttori del Barbaresco is the finest co-operative wine grower and producer in the region. Although there are even better individual producers, the co-ops wine is pretty much as good as this wine gets. Aged for 5 year, this wine can use another 3-4 years, but it's good to drink now. This wine also needs an hour of decanting and should be consumed with food.

Quality: Excellent. But not my favourite.

Wine Pairing:
Nebbiolo based wine is best when they are paired with rich full food. They are also great with acidic dishes (most Italian food). Full lamb, beef dishes and stews. rich earthy mushrooms. Dry, age, high flavoured cheese such as parmesan and granda padano.

Avoid seafood, chicken, or pork.

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