Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tokushima Part 3

We found a very posh restaurant specialized in kurokuta pork. Kurokuta or Berkshire pig is a rare breed of pigs originated from England. The English traded these pigs to various countries, including Japan, hundreds of years ago. Berkshire pork is very juice and full of flavor and tenderness. The meat is pink and marbled similar to premium beef. Its high fat content makes it suitable for long cooking and high-temperature cooking.

The Japanese then took these delicious pigs to a new level by feeding them a balanced diet consist of organic grains, vegetables, and fruits. Their living condition is world class. Since pork tend to take on the flavour of their diet, kurobuta pork does not have the nasty overwhelmingly pungent flavour of ordinary pork. Instead, it is aromatic, delicate, and little bit nutty. Japanese bred Kurokuta can be eaten medium rare. Denmark has similar method of pig farming. The Dans takes a more scientific approach to raising high quality pigs through highly innovative and technologically advanced methods.

Anyway, back to the restaurant. This restaurant featured its pork the same way Matsusakagyu specialized in beef. The pork was categorized by parts and graded according to marbling. It was then grilled as skewers, or order them as bacon on salad with local organic green, omelet, and stews. They did not have pork sashimi though. The food came in the wok, pan, or skillet they were cooked in. For alcohol, they also listed local saki and shochu with high acidity, which paired very well with the pork.

While the dishes were amazing, the highlight of the meal wastheir chocolate soufflé. It was baked in the pan and then flipped over. The waiter placed a small cube of butter on side and served the dish with side melted chocolate, condense milk, and caramel. It was warm, fluffy, and absolutely delicious. Through my trip, we noticed that Japanese do Western dessert better than ones in Vancouver. Looks like the Japanese just does everything better.

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