Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recession Wine

In 2008, the stock market wasn't the only thing in red.
"A wine to remember in a year to forget."
"In the fashionable recession color"
"Made from grape grown at the Mount Shoreham, Rural, Ken
despite choking government regulation and taxation"
"Serve with whatever food you can afford."

The dude on the label is England's Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I found this wine on the internet. I don't imagine it would taste very good. It only has 11% alcohol, so I presume it would be similar to a pinot Noir. The wine is about $17.95 CND per bottle.

The vineyard has a white one too. I love the black label.
"Greater Substance and Consistency than Government Policy"
"Best bought early before tax rises"
"An Excellent accompaniment to IMF meetings"
"Countless valuable calories for those reduced to subsistence diets"

This wine is a non-vintage. Haha! The dude on the label is Chancellor Alistair Darling. It is very affordable: $9.31 CND.

These wines won the recession wine of the year.

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