Monday, April 12, 2010

Pinot Gris

People usually associate Pinot Gris as Pinot Grigio, a popular Italian varietal, but Pinot Gris started out as a French vine variety. This grape is actually a mutation from Pinot Noir. The grape color can be anything between grayish blue to brownish pink. Pinot Gris makes this immensely popular and fashionable white wine. In fact, I am very sure I will be ordering some for my wedding. This grape is actually a mutation from Pion Noir. It is soft, gently perfumed wines with more substance and color than most whites.

Pinot Gris is traditionally grown in Alsace (sometimes the wine is called Tokay in German). The wine here is delicate, heavy bodied, dry (sometimes a little sweet) with spicy stone or tropical fruit flavours (peach, banana, ginger, melon) and honey.

A typical Italian Pinot Grigio is dry, medium or light in body, with high acidity and unoaked with delicate citrus and green fruit flavours. Premium Pinot Grigio would have more stone fruit flavour with more body, intensity and complexity. Trentino, Veneto, and Friuli all produces amazing Pinot Grigio at bargain price.

Oregon, Napa, and New Zealand all also have successful production of Pinot Gris. Germany, Austria, Swizerland, Luxembourg all produces Pinot Grigio under different names. Even Romania and Slovenia produces the wine in bulk.

Unfortunately, this is all I know about the wine for now.

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