Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gramercy Grill

Here is my first official don't-go-there restaurant review. Well, that's a little harsh, but definitely do not go there for lunch. Gramercy Grill went from my favourite neighborhood gem two years ago to the dog house. The first time there, I had an amazing time. I loved the service, their beer list, and their amazing salad and seafood dishes. Then, the food just got progressively worse each time I went back. I have a major problem with their inconsistency, and bad experience out numbers the good ones. I feel ripped off eating there. Here are my thoughts on my latest $40 dollar lunch there.

Food (2.5/5):
I have been there half a dozen time now, and this will be my last time. I have never had a good lunch and dinner's biggest problem is the inconsistency from dish to dish.

For lunch, Dennis ordered the Manhattan Clam Chowder. The little bowl comes on the tacky decoration paper, without which the dish would have looked more appetizing. The soup was okay. Dennis did not mind it (3.5/5). I had daily's special: roasted pepper bisque soup. Check out the second photo. I did not touch it; it arrived at my table like that. Does it look like a soup you would expect from a fine dinning venue? No. The taste was simple: cream and red pepper (2/5). The chef put no effort in this dish. Feeling like I wasted my time and money, I hoped the main courses would perk me up and renew my last thread of hope for this restaurant.

For main course, Dennis had Spinach Orecchetti: cream of spinach, basil and grana padano: $14. However, check out the portion and the plating, or the lack there of. Dennis had a bite and passed the dish to me. I tasted a lot of cream with some pasta dough. I had a few more bites and lost my appetite (2/5).

I purposely order the Clam Linguini ($14) to compare to Bella Roma's Linguini Vongole. It has baby clams, sautéed crush tomatoes, basil, parsley, and cracked chillies. With this wonderful description, I was expecting a lot of flavour with a little zing! Nope! There were 3 fresh clams and bunch of baby clams straight out of a can. The dish wasn't too bad. Dennis ended up eating most of this pasta. He said: "This dish is accidentally good because they undercooked the pasta." Dennis loves undercooked pasta that is chewy and a little stiff. (3/5)

Service (2.5/5):
The service was adequate. I think the two servers were very swamped. The service was sort of like the restaurant. It just got progressively worse as the meal went out. They handled the food very roughly. They ignored us completely after our main course.

Ambience (3/5):
I like decor a lot. It has that dark wood, dark carpet, old school smoke room feel to it. With candle lights at night, it looked romantic. It would definitely had been a great place go for the third date, if the food wasn't so bad. No music though.

Overall (3/5):
Once upon a time, I had a great time and great food there. I know for sure the Seafood Bowl is pretty good (4/5). They have a great beer list featuring small local breweries. They do have a bar area with TV, so I bet this is a good after-work hangout place.

Total (11/20):
Don't go for lunch. Go for dinner at your own risk. Do not take your foodie girlfriend to this restaurant. Either way, you are getting a lot less than what you are paying for.

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