Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fabiano Amarone Classico 2003

Varietal: Blend of Carvina, corvinone, and Rondinela
Producer: Fabiano
Specification: DOCG Classico I Fondatori
Vintage: 2003
Region: Valpolicella
Alcohol: $15.5
Price: $68

Appearance: Deep dark red with no bricking
Nose: clean, powerful, delicate, sweet, alcohol, carmel, mint, wet barnyard
Palate: clean, intense, dry-off-dry, full tannin, full bodied, dark cooked fruit, raisin, spice, clove, chocolate, couscous.

Amarone does not taste like your usual red wine. It is a very masculine drink and something Italians can be very proud to have produced. I visited Valpolicella before and watch how they dry the grapes on the same straw matt-basket inside a wooden shed. Because the grapes are dried, the flavours of the wine are very concentrated. It was almost port like.

Amarone has very unique aroma and tastes. Even novice wine tasters can identify this pretty easily in the first few sniffs. This particular Amarone is balanced, complex, and has a great length. This is pretty much the archetype of Amarone.

Quality: Excellent. Collectable.

You want to pair heavy food with heavy flavours with this wine. Lamb roast, game meat, strong hard cheese. Stay far away from any seafood.

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