Monday, April 26, 2010

Chocolate Making Program

No, it is not just a class. It is a freaking program, with homework, reading assignments, deadlines, and exams. I thought it was just a class when I first signed up, and now I have a writing assignment due on Thursday. Looks like I have accidentally put myself back in school. I blame Jean. She introduced me to this course and will be suffering through this with me.

I am already procrastinating and falling behind on my daily blogging, and now I will be adding my chocolate making journey on top of all that. Take this journey with us.

For the first week, we have to taste test 2 flights of chocolate:

  • 1 High quality dark chocolate bar with 65 - 70% cocoa.
  • 1 Lindt, Toblar, or Sucard solid semisweet chocolate bar from Europe that you find in drug stores, markets or delis.
  • 1 Package of Bakers or Nestle Semisweet chocolate squares or another type of baking chocolate found in your supermarket.
  • 1 100 - 250 g ( 4 - 8 oz) sample of semisweet or dark confectioner's coating chocolate. This is also known as wafer's chocolate. A.K.A fake chocolate. A.K.A. the chocolate used cheap candy and chocolate bars.
  • Dark chocolate bars with the following cocoa percentage: 60-65%, 70-75%, 80-85%, 90 - 95%** - from the same manufacturer
  • Dark chocolate bars with the following cocoa percentage 60-65%, 70-75%, 80-85%, 90 - 95%** - from the another manufacturer in order to experience a different sweetness factor.
We need to taste them and write about them. The language of chocolate tasting is similar to that of wine. You have aroma, body, acidity, tannin, length, but in addition, you have attack, texture, and something else I haven't read about yet.

For reading assignment, we have

*My favourite.

Right now, Jean and I are scrambling all over town to find all the chocolate needed for 6 taste flights. We have gathered all the chocolate needed for the first flight. For the second flight, we have half. Lindt seems to have a completely set of everything for us, but finding a different brand set has been difficult.

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